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Boat trip to Radman's Mills (aged 5 to 12)

The ticket is for people 5 to 12 years old. The ticket price of the trip is per person, the number of people is entered in the quantity column. It is necessary to choose the date and time of the start of the trip.

1. The ticket is for people aged 5 to 12

 - for for people over 12 years old, the ticket is inserted into the chart separately

 - for persons aged 0 to 5, the ticket is free

2. The trip lasts 2 hours

3.  The boat ride from Omiš to Radman's Mills takes 40 minutes

4.  The break in Radman's Mills lasts 45 minutes

5.  The return from Radman's Mills takes 35 minutes

6.  Meeting place in Omiš coordinates (43.44499770029146, 16.691499773882946).  It is outlined in green with the text "LOCATION" in the image below.

7.  Payment is made by PayPal

8.  It is necessary to arrive at the meeting place 15 minutes before the start of the trip